I don't know, homophobia?

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So I am sitting in my French class and we are talking about the culture of the area of Africa that was colonized by France. This is related to a book we are reading for the AP test, L'Enfant Noir, by Camara Laye. She is talking about how this culture is dominated by males. The discussion is then turned to present day China and how, because abortion is now available, males are overwhelmingly being favored, and therefore born, over females. The ramifications of this unbalance of the sexes is then discussed. Some idiot says "the guys will turn gay". My teacher reacted a little negatively, I guess, but not as much as I would have liked. Then the girl who said this definitely homophobic comment said "it was just a joke", further belittling homosexuality.

It didn't help that, in biology, we are talking about ecology, and this class period we are talking about reproduction in terms of sociobiology, so like how the organisms interact in order to reproduce. She keeps using humans as examples when she is talking about the forming of relationship aspect, but limiting the possibility to heterosexuality. It wouldn't have been that hard to allow for the possibility of homosexuality, it's not like I expected her to talk about it, just not to belittle it by not even including it in the discussion.

I have decided that the most prevalent form of homophobia, at least here, is belittlement. In both cases these were people that would never openly treat me differently because I am lesbian, yet then, in open classrooms they express just how little think think of it. Great.


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i know what you mean. a coupl

i know what you mean. a couple of days ago a similar thing happened in my physics class, which is full of homophobes and people who seem to think homosexuality doesnt actually exist. we are studying charges, magnets and charges in magnetic fields/ conductors in magnetic fields. the teacher always uses people as examples and he made 2 girls and a boy stand up and did his usual (he ALWAYS does this on this topic) he makes the 2 girls the same charge and the boy a different one and starts explaining how the girl and the boy attract and the 2 girls repel. his catchphrase is basically - opposites always attract. it didnt help that one of the girls was the girl everyone thinks im dating and the rest of the class nearly wet themselves trying not to laugh at what seemed like a homosexuality re-education class. somehow the teacher didnt notice....

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well in the case of reproduction, you do need a male and female to reproduce... can't go around that!

can you tell me how the teacher can talk about reproduction and explain homosexual couples getting together?