I feel better lots

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O.K. I have been in Tennessee for almost two days
know last night we went out to eat and then turned
around and went out clubbing. I love club hopping.
We hit about fifteen clubs last night and didn't
go to sleep till two this morning and we where
finally so sleeply we had to sleep or else we would
have fallen asleep dancing. We had fun thought and
today we went to a water park and then going out
again tonight. I like this its nice thought that I
am not paying. I just jump in line flirt with someone
get them to pay and then go off and its nice I
know its wrong but its nice to get people to
pay for me. Since I am having trouble
getting any money to pay for stuff myself. I didn't
really need to come down here for labor day but
hey I needed to see someone who was o.k. with me