I need help! Don't know if i'm a lesbian or just confused....

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I've developed a really close friendship with a woman who i know is gay. She is in a relationship
but always seems to be making passes at me. At first it really freaked me out....
and now i look forward to seeing her hoping she does flirt and hit on me-- and i really
like the person she is and seemed to have developed a crush on her. I've always liked and been with
guys so the fact that i may have developed feelings for a woman (who is alot older than i am) is
kind of freaking me out a little! What does this mean? am i a lesbian? or bi?
or is this just one random time that i've fallen for a woman? not only that
but if i knew she were single i may have tried to talk to her about this-- is there any way to
talk to her about it w/out screwing up our friendship??? i feel like i'm going crazy!!

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is it the first time a girls

is it the first time a girls hit on yu and you've felt like that? before you give yourself a label, think it through. and btw, humans ain't heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc. humans are sexual, period. the rest is just a matter of preference

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well it seems you do have fee

well it seems you do have feeling for her, but you have to ask yourself can you imagine being with her? if the answer is yes, then you need to know if she would be intesrested in you. shes in a relationship so the answer now is probably no. as for your sexuality, thats a separate issue. you like this girl, but do you like any other girls? do you feel the same about any others, want to date any girls or even have crushes on famous women etc? theres a lot of questions you have to ask yourself, and the same for your feelings on guys. for now, figure out your feelings for THIS girl, everyone else can wait.

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