I want to be a.....

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I'm a bored anthropology obsessed fifteen-year-old, so I figured I'd ask people what career they want when they grow up and why they want that career. Personally, I want to be a filmmaker or and an actor. The reason I want o be this is because a.)I suck at everything else, and b.) because I love creating things. I love acting and the thirll of being able to tell a story visually so that it can inspire future generations. I've wanted to be a filmmaker since I was about nine years old. What about you guys?

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I want to be a ...

University/Highschool CompSci/Maths/Physics teacher, computer programmer, theoretical physicist or cryptanalyst. And amateur philosopher :p I like numbers too much >.<

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I wanna be a

A comic book artist, a webdesigner, and a writer.

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Geology rocks!

Geologist....maybe a seismologist or volcanologist, but definitely somewhere in geology.

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A counselor. Don't know in w

A counselor.
Don't know in what field yet, but I do know that I want to be in a field in which I can help people with their problems.

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a janitor at the white house

a janitor at the white house

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I want to be a chef. I even hope to world famous becuase cooking is my one passion.

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It's changed alot through the years, but I think i'm beginning to settle with maybe wanting to write scripts for films, or a fanasy author. (im trying to get a good publisher for my first fantasy novel, which i just finished..) If not, a film director or musician.


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I want to study sex in Humans

I want to study sex in Humans.
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Something to do with art. An

Something to do with art.
An interior designer always sounds good.

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and I know
you might not feel this way too
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I've always wanted to be...

I've always wanted to be a doctor, and I've had lots of people tell me I could never do it, which makes me want to prove them wrong even more.

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Gynecologist, just like my mom. There are a lot of doctors in my family so sometimes I feel as if it's expected of me to become one.
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A writer, and possibly an editor as well (of a literary magazine or something, not at a publishing house, unless it was a really teenie independent publishing house... or maybe an film editor, which I'm interested in, as well).

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i want to be a broadway actre

i want to be a broadway actress. (cheesy but true) if i can't do that then i'll try to choreograph or direct or do makeup or write musicals or SOMETHING, but i really want to be an actress. if i can't do anything in the theatre i'll be an activist. i know it doesn't really sound like much of a career but i'm making my voice heard. that's really all i want.

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It's my dream to be some sort

It's my dream to be some sort of scientist, maybe in the social sciences (yea, not real science I know), or an editor or journalist of somesort. I'm kind of all over the place with my interests. I think it would be great to be a professor at a university and never have to face the outside world. But it's my aspiration to be a lawyer, probably a litigator. Everyone who knows me knows that's what I'll be, there are a lot of lawyers in the family, and well, I want to make money. It's the easiest choice for me, and I know it's my future. I'll be happy, but I don't think it's what I really want to do.

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I want to be a master chef li

I want to be a master chef like my father. I've been cooking for 8 years now, I'm 16 btw, and well the art in food and creating something that appeases to all of your senses is just , wow. I also do it to relax so it will be a fun career. :)


I want to be an interior deco

I want to be an interior decorator!that's my dream!

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an actress

People always roll their eyes and say, "Do you know how hard it is to become an actress? It's not the life you want." I present them with all the facts and figures, what I have planned in case it should fail, what the statistics are, and so on and so forth. I only act for the stage though.

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firefighter..../ coastguard..

firefighter..../ coastguard....
to help people, even if they wouldn't help me.....

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I want to be a...

I'd just like to be a happy person ^-^

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Many things

I wanted to be a wealthy lawyer or a doctor and at one-time an Archaeologist. Now it doesn't really matter, my goal in life is to travel the world and live a good life.

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My dream job would be to danc

My dream job would be to dance on broadway, but I'm sure that will never happen. As of right now, what I really want to be is a genetic engineer with a focus in forensics. With this type of a job I would be able to solve crimes, and vure disease, saving lives. I'm not sure yet about the forensics part, because I also want to work on finding new cures to disease like cancer, or others that as of now are uncurable. Basically, I just want to be able to help other people and give them a longer life.

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One side of me really really really wants to write: as an authoress and a poet. This would make me happy, but I want to be wealthy too...just so I can travel anytime and have whatever I want. I think the idea of a life where you can't get what you want is unbearable. So being a writer isn't terribly practical.

Safer job bets are law and work for the UN in the top positions. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't work to change the world. I'll probably end up in politics having all I've ever posted on this site dug up and pushed in my face.

Signed: call me what you will.

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philosopher. But I don't want to have to starve for the first few years after uni, so I may have to end up doing something less interesting but more economically sensible.


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Peace Corps! for a few years

Peace Corps! for a few years. Then I'm probably just going to run about and work for a million non-profit type things. I also want to work in a group home for foster children at some point. And I'd like to write a book.

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Architect…to build beauty…I look to Louis Kahn who said, “To express is to drive. And when you want to give something presence, you have to consult nature. And there is where Design comes in…And if you think of Brick, for instance, and you say to Brick, "What do you want Brick?" And Brick says to you "I like an Arch." And if you say to Brick "Look, arches are expensive, and I can use a concrete lentil over you.
What do you think of that? Brick?" Brick says: "... I like an Arch"

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i wanna ..

be a game programmer =)

maybe one day I will be. I am very keen to pick up a dev kit for the new nintendo revolution. =)

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My dream...

I would love to be a philosophy professor and also have a doctorate in physics specializing in string theory. I love to teach and lecture and have discussions. All my friends and several of my teachers have told me I would be an excellent teacher ofany kind. After teaching fora while I think it would be awesome to open my own liberal arts college here in Casper.

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Keep away from collage! Trust me, you should just pass through, take your coarses, and leave it at that. I know what I'm talking about. Both my parents are professors, (in comperative literature), all my mom's friends are professors, and my best friend's mom is a professor.

Envisage the process of learning. Your tool: a shovel. Every time you begin to learn about something new, you scratch the surface. As you advance, and learn the first details on the subject, you dig a small hole. Let's just say that when you've advanced to professor, you're six feet under ground, and you're basically stuck there for eternity. Without possibility of escape.

As Aldous Huxley once wrote: "Chronic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a most undesirable sentiment."

I hope I convinced you to take a different path; if not, my heart goes out to you.


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Re: Warning

I thank you foryour advice but Ifind your attitude condescending and I feel that because are constantly besieged by professors you may be a bit disillusioned. It is my hope not only to be a professor but also a scholar of the world. If I tire of being a professor I can do something else I know that there is always an opening at my uncles apiary if ever I wish to accept the invitation. So in fact you have not swayed me you have strengthened my resolve.

"Artists have always been the initiators of revolution."
-Master Otori Niko

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I wanna be...

In the words of Sophie Kawalski in the French movie "Love Me If You Dare" I want to be a cream bun when I grow up.

Barring that of course... there are just so many things that I want to be and so many things that I can be. I think whatever I end up though, I don't care how much money I make as long as I have enough to eat and as long as I love my job.

I have had a lot of different jobs and there isn't one I haven't liked yet. Maybe I'll just adopt a policy of getting a different job each year. Sounds like fun.

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...airborne ranger

I have The Breakfast Club in my head. I really want to sit around and read all day, but because that isn't financially feasible I figure I'll do psychology. Clinical psychology to be precise with a possible focus on children. There's something about the complexity of the mind and human behavior that fascinates me.

"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect. We take what we get and are thankful that it is no worse than it is."

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I want to be. . .

. . .a loving husband.

For serious. That is my goal. Settle down someday with the man I love. If everything else in my life were to fail, I'd still be happy with my husband.

Sorry if I'm too freaking cliche.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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i want to be a...

a chemist but seriously like ghosba i to want to ssettle down and marrie even if i mad like $2 an hour as a chemist i wouldnt care as long as io have my husband to love

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i want to become a tattoo art

i want to become a tattoo artist. ive had this dream since i was 11 and it gives me a chance to be creative and ork with what im good at- ART and interacting with people.

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I want to become a journalist

I want to become a journalist and photographer. I like the whole idea of being able to express something, to show it in a picture or to voice an opinion.. to move someone. I want to specialize in sports and politics. I'd also like to teach at some point, preferably p.e.. but I might change my mind, like, tomorrow :)

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So Weird

I was just having this convversation with someone! My future: there's lots of stuff. It'd be reaally great to just be writer, but that's not really possible, so yeah. I'd love to be a graffiti artist, but I already am, and I'm pretty sure it's not considered a career choice. Teacher would be nice, but I don't know if I want to bother with the school, and I'm not that fond of children. Fashion designer...not happening though, it's like impossible to break into that world. So probably, homeless prostitute in NY. Lol. I really don't have any clue. Although I'd like to be a philosopher, I'm pretty sure that ain't a career choice either.

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I would love to be a biochemi

I would love to be a biochemist. I am currently studying towards this and I am loving this path even more with every class I take.

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Police officer for a while, h

Police officer for a while, hopefully advance to detective, then apply for the FBI


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Still deciding

Im really good at the computer stuff and thats what I do now. But, maybe Pharmacy is in my future. It would certainly be more money, I just dont know if I want to do that much schooling....

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I wanna be....

a middle school librarian and live in Provinctwon MAssachussets and have a cottage by the sea.

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No matter what I do I'll still write poetry and try to publish it and my novels, but I've been thinking of becoming a professor of English, history, or womens studies, a doctor, a teacher, or a librarian. While this wouldn't be my main career, I've also been really interested in cosmology and becoming a mechanic. It's the jumpsuits and glitter my friends...When I was little, I told my mom I wanted to be a princess instead of being a lawyer like her.. :)

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insurance/risk management.../economist

because of the $ duh.
i like being in charge etc.

out of my mind... back in 5 minutes.
i'm not afraid of death, i just dont wanna be there when it happens.

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A counsellor for GLBT teens.

A counsellor for GLBT teens. Hopefully in something like the Point Foundation, helping displaced GLBT teens. Peace.

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I want to be a doctor. Or an

I want to be a doctor. Or an events planner.

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I want to be an author and/or a comic book artist. I'm actually working on a book right now, and I can draw. I'd also like to be a singer/songwriter. I like to sing, I can play guitar, and I've written lyrics before. Hey, maybe I can be all three. :D

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That's completely

That's completely possible-Mercedes Lackey is a writer/songwriter. And she sang for Selenay on at least one of her CD's.

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I'd really like to just be

I'd really like to just be able to sit and write all day... but I'd also like to be able to eat. :) So either a screenwriter or an English professor. Either that or write half my days and work in a coffeeshop and do contract webdesign work on the side. *shrugs* My tallent pool is a tad limited, so....

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I want to be a.....lawyer!

I want to be a.....lawyer! why? because it's the only thing I'm good at, because everyone in my family has studied law, and because if I don't study law my parents kill me (I think they'd prefer gay and lawyer than straight and something else). I also like law, it's not like I am being forced into it, and I would really like to have my own firm one day. Boring me, no?