Is alcoholism so bad?

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Everyone thinks I'm an alcoholic. Perhaps I am.

It's interesting reading some articles on depression, most conclude that no problem can never be sorted, which is completely wrong. I think one of the reasons I so regularly break down (I know, I sound like a used car) is the fact that some of my problems are going to last the rest of my life. Said articles usually suggest sharing the problems with someone too, something else which is easy for some well-meaning person to write down and yet something I'd find harder than gauging out my eyes with a corkscrew.

And finally, when their done telling you that your unresolvable problems will be resolved, and their done telling you to tell parents or friends, as if they're trustworthy anyway, they go for the guilt tactic telling you about how suicide or turning to substances is a terrible thing and will hurt a lot of other people.

Well, I guess the latter is true. But there are downsides to everything.

And alcohol never answers any problems. Now that is very true, drinking and then drinking some more will never get rid of your problems, you'll always have to come back to reality. However, I will say that alcohol can solve your problems for a few hours, make you forget, make you relax, make you enjoy your life. And let me tell you, when you have a problem, or problems, that will never be resolved and will affect you for the rest of your life, a little problem-forgetting session is very enjoyable.

I guess it's a bit flawed, in that you're adding liver damage to your repetoire of permanent (and serious) problems whilst forgetting all the other ones. But sometimes, atleast at 18, it's easier to forget about what will happen if you continue to drink for years and just think about now. And when going through a little bout of depression, you just don't give a fuck anyway.


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you have to drink ALOT to be

you have to drink ALOT to be an alcohalic and you need to do it
in a certain way to fit the label as an alcohalic.
theres like a checklist of things that qualify you as one.

i drink ALOT and i don't consider myself and alchohalic
and i been drinking since i was 13. i used to drink everyday!
now i drink every now and then and i can still drink ALOT
without acting all stupid like some people.
it does numb the pain and it does loosen the stress when there
is some, for the people who don't aggree they most likely never
drank and are most likely too uptight to even try drinking.
it's not like it's acid or anything it's just a drink!

just don't drink and drive and don't get caugt if you do!
sure drinking dosen't solve all of your problems but it sure does
give you a good buzz and takes the edge off while things are
getting rough.

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I disagree

Not precisely.

Alcoholism refers to those who have a dependency on alcohol or suffer some form of withdrawal symptom when alcohol is taken from them. Said symptoms might be as simple as not being able to stop thinking about alcohol in your spare moments, or as serious as delirium tremens and seizures. People who suffer withdrawal symptoms might only drink 3-4 glasses of wine every night or every 2 nights, not necessarily the vast quantities you suggest.

Life nor people can be checklisted. Personally I don't regard myself as a "true" alcoholic, but I certainly crave it when taken away - but I can physically LIVE without it, and it wouldn't have dire consequences on my life. Many others consider me an alcoholic because they're not used to people they know drinking a bottle of wine every night, or starting to drink at 4.30pm, so alcoholic is the best word they know to apply to me even though not technically correct.

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woah there, okay , we get it.

woah there, okay , we get it.
you're smart
it dosen't take a genius to spot someone with a problem,
theres a difference between someone who drinks for fun
and someone who NEEDS a drink just to get through the day.
it is really that simple, overanalyzing problems usually
just make them worse
life nor people can be checklisted ,
but it does make life easier

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Alcohol doesn't solve your pr

Alcohol doesn't solve your problems at all, whether for a few hours or permanently. It simply makes them unimportant or invisible. They're still there, you just don't care about them. When you come back to reality where your problems pop up once again, they'll be just as bad, if not worse, than before. Personally, I wouldn't want to forget about my problems for 4 hours only to have them come back worse every time.

Yes, at 18, it is very easy to forget about consequences. Sometimes, to have fun, you've gotta forget or disregard consequences. But, I would say, alcohol abuse is NEVER worth it. It's not just that it only works in short bouts and that it will cause liver damage . . . you're also spending tons of money on liquor, you're setting yourself up for years and years of abusive and unfulfilling relationships . . . and of course, to solve those new problems (brought about by alcoholism), you just drink more. It's a cycle that's never worth getting into. I've had to deal with my mom's alcoholism for years, as well as several uncles' and aunts' alcoholism. It's really not worth it. Ever.

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I guess

I agree, problems will be just as bad on returning to the land of the sober. However, problems are relative to the person experiencing them are they not? It's one of those, "if a tree falls in the woods does it still make a sound" situations I guess. If you're not feeling bad about your problem, or you don't know what your problem is for a short period of time, is it really a problem anymore during said period?

Mind you, I am typing this after 2 glasses of wine *grin*

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it may not solve problems but

it may not solve problems but it sure does mask them well!