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I just moved to a new town, it is a lot smaller than the city I came from, Austin TX. It is still in texas, but the difference in pop is several hundred thousand people. I had a great network of gay friends in Austin, now i'm all by myself and it so sucks. It is such a small town trap. I came out here to go to a smaller college for a while, so I could concentrate on school, instead of my social life. I just didn't know how hard it was really gonna be. I feel closeted here don't really know how to react. Can anyone give advice?

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I've been living in the burbs

I've been living in the burbs for like years, and take it from me, sacrificing social life (especially when you are gay) in a small town (where you may be like the only one who is gay) is not that smart a move.

But you want some hope at the end of the day, so how about this. . .
Go look around. There is probably some gay outreach center SOMEWHERE around there. The trick is finding it. So, don't sit around in front of the computer moping, go out there, you are more free to go where you please than I am.

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I hear ya

I live in Casper, Wyoming and while it is more liberal than most places I do put up with my share of shit. Luckily I have a good group of friends only one of which is actually gay. What you need is a group of like minded friends to surround yourself with. You must create your own little "micro-society". Once you find like minded individuals you are bound to attract those who need the same thing you do. So live Life to the fullest and dance like nobody is watching and rub it in the homophobe breeders faces; that is what I do and I love every moment of it.

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