Its been yuk day

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Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and left
with a handful of prescriptions. The things they
didn't give me. Your in pain oxycotion, you have
head aches ok. i'll give you this you think your
depressed so do I heres a theropist name and some
anti depressates. It doesn't matter if I wasn't or
was he gave me a bunch and I sherded them and didn't
ge them. I am one person who is pretty much anti
drugs prescription or other wish I don't smoke, I
don't drink and I am not going to start taking a ton
of meds just because he thinks I am what I am not
I am know in the process of looking for a new
doctor.I miss my old doctor I had that doctor since
birth and I just pretty much left him in Arizona so
finding a doctor up here is hard. This is the town
where I was born maybe he knows someone I think I
will call and ask for a refer it can't hurt can it?

I also went to my storage area and wanted to get that box of
poems and put them in the apartment. I did get them
but when I went thought the box I relized something
I didn't before A lot of them got ruined. It
rained the whole trip up here and the first two days
I got here and a lot of the stuff got sat on the
ground and so the bottom and tops of this box where
ruined unless I wrote it in penical which I am
hope I did for a lot of them on the bottom.

I found a note to my dad and my mom. Notes that
I had planned to give them when I moved away but by the
time I moved they already knew I was gay and
there was no point in giving them these letters
thought it would have given my dad a nice slap
in the face. I know I shouldn't be like this and
I should be maturer than them but having a father
like that is just so sicken He was always cold and
didn't seem to see much of my childhood him and
my mom where always going somewhere leaving me
and my older siblings to watch out for the little
ones. I didn't like growing up like that and I
think I have finally relized why most of my siblings
don't want kids they are afraid we will be like
are parents. But I don't think of any us can be that homopobic
and The only ones I can think of that are is my twin
and the youngers ones. WHo understand whats going on