Its changed again

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FEELINGS TODAY- Sad, Lonely Mad, Pissed and Hurt

Why? Sad, mad, pissed because I just got fired from
my job and know I am using contacts out my
ass to get a new job. Lonely because I am just feeling
like I am all alone in this world right know. Going
back to who I use to be is no fun. Hurt because
I am still cutting and its not making me feel any better

Anything but this- I just lost my job because I refused
to show someone respect who wouldn't show it to
me. I won't show respect to anyone inless they
show it to me first and thats my statement and I
am sticking to it. I am not going to change because
some bitch thinks she can step all over me. So I
am looking for a new job and I need one before Friday
because I have bills to pay and people whom I borrowed
money from who would probably like it back even if
they aren't hounding me about it. I think maybe know
would be a good time to move and get the hell out
of dodge while I still have a chance. I am
so ready to leave. I am pissed and I am stuck here
feeling like I am all alone in this world because I
got hurt and I let people use me how every they want
to and in the end I am going to end up hurt.