Last night

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I had a panic attack and called the one person I
trusted J and she came over and found out what
had been going on with me. I helped her remove all
sharp objects from my house and helped her take
out anything else that might be a target for me to use
I have so say that I am feeling a whole lot better
and her and godsons have been here all day and I have
been playing with my one year old godson. He is
giggling on the floor right know just playing with
a set of toy cars that me and J Got a couple of years
ago when we overseas to Ireland and when we got
back we where closer than every. She is like the
closet thing to a sister I have. My older sisters
are not really keeping in touch and I think
thats because they are so in their own lives.
My twin has disowned me and living somewhere in
New York with no one knowing where she is. Its
like she dropped off the face of the earth and
I guess in my mind I began to forget there
was someone out there that looked like me and
was completely different than me. I guess its
just me but I feel like maybe I can start over
and not have to worry about anything and thats
a great feeling.