Let's Pretend I Never Lived (Maybe You'd Be Happier then!)

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Let’s pretend I never lived, maybe you’ll be happier then

Imagine a world where I was never born and the world smiled
The colors would all be brighter; the sun would always be shining
Birds would sing, and there would be peace on earth
God would smile down on his children and laugh

What a wonderful fucking world it would be

Or better yet let’s pretend I was alive and the times were dark
But then the night was shot through the heart with a ray of light
As I put the rope around my neck and took a dive from the ledge
Then you could all sing and smile in content

Oh what a fucking wonderful world it would be

Let’s pretend I was murdered in the back ally of somewhere far off
And was raped just seconds before they decided to slit my neck
I screamed for only a second before the organs shot out of my neck
Then everyone was happy and fucking content

Was I good enough for such a death

Maybe I was driving home, late at night
The volume on my radio turned all the way up
I looked to change CD’s and didn’t see the cliff
The car went up in a blaze of fire and the world cheered

Or perhaps

The devil decided to inhabit this pathetic little corpse
And walk it down the road until we got to the peer
He laughed, and God gave me a little push
Drowning lessons, 101

Let’s pretend I never lived, maybe everyone would be fucking happier then


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That's fucking deep, man. (with a drunk man's voice)