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I wondered if anyone could help me out, you see I've just had six weeks off of school- and I spent all that time either alone, or with parents. I had no desire to see my friends, and when they called to see if I could come and hang out with them then I made excuses and stayed at home instead. Lat year I was the complete opposite, but it seems that nowadays I don't want to talk to anyone I was recently close to.
I went to a fair thing today, and deliberately changed courses when I saw my friends up ahead just so I wouldn't have to talk to them.
The thing is I have more friends online than I do in real-life, and I love to chat to my E-buds, but I get sick of taking to people face-to-face and feel very uncomfortable. It's not that I'm shy- I don't know what it is.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Hmmmm....I'm not sure exactly

Hmmmm....I'm not sure exactly why that is, but I've been the same.

I've wanted to spend most of the summer alone...and whenever friends call I make up some excuse...or tell them flat out that I don't want to do anything, maybe some other time. Its not like I dislike my friends...I just like to be away from them sometimes.

I'd like to think its because I wanted to focus on my art...but thats just foolish reasoning.

Perhaps theres a certain freedom to talking with people online...rather then in person. If you run out of topics...you can just stop responding until someone thinks of something to say. No big deal. But when chatting face to face, you run out of topics and get that uncomfortable silence.

Anyways...I'm not totally sure. G'luck figuring it out though =^_^=

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i have always been a loner. t

i have always been a loner. the title attracted me to this
article.all i can say for myself is that i been through the
cycle already enough times to not even care anymore.
i learned how to "see" the social dynamics of how everything
is and i am soo glad i a not a part of it.
i been through the "wanted to be like everyone else"
phase, the "popular" phase, the "rejected" phase,i been through it all to the point of nausium. now i just said..fuck it, who cares.
i got tired fo living by societies standards and rules and
bullshit. i let it all go to pursue my own dreams.
it has nothing to do with cars, power, money or status seeking
non-sense. but what i want to do , not what everyone
else wants to do. and i only i could get it.
not anyone else, so i let everyone else bicker ammoungst
themselves, gossip, have their "fun" and dramatic non-sense...
while i live in my own world, my own standards, my own path
in my life ..all that matters is me and how i am gonna get to
my path in life. nothing else matters.

and no one in between does either.
some people need a pat on the back a hug and talk out their problems...
other people need only a beer or a phat joint , rub their eyes
and then tough it out..it'll only make you stronger.
figuring which one you are is the fun part...