Long Trip

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I just got back into town today I called out of work till
saterday I was happy to go see people who atucally knew me
They just didn't act like they did they did. Erik
left this week to go on tour and Sunday Leo comes back into
town he gets to meet Josh along with the rest of us
again for the first time in almost a year. I missed
him and I didn't relize it till the other night before
I left when I took a look at that stage and relized
that everything was different. This is not where I saw myself in
a million years I didn't want to go to college.
I didn't want to much of anything and know
I have energy and everything to do stuff since I
stopped abusing my body not to say that sometimes
I don't but I have stopped doing it so much and
I feel so good about getting up in the morning than
I have in weeks or years and this is a total new feeling
for me i now this sounds like rambling and for
the most part it is but being around people who
know me makes me feel so energiszted