Me & My General Well-Being (Nothing Very Exciting)

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It's been a really long time since I posted a normal journal entry.

School is fine. Home is fine.

I got very sick yesterday. My migraines are increasingly frequent and more severe. I need bigger and better medication.

Other than that, I'm really quite well. I've been writing a lot, my friends are closer than ever.

There's a boy at school who has a crush on me. He's very sweet but, you know. Male. Other than that my love life doesn't exist right now. That's okay with me.

I hope all of you are doing reasonably well, too.


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hey , i missed you (:

hey , i missed you (:

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I hate migraines :( There's a

I hate migraines :( There's a store in...was it Santa Fe or Rio Rancho (wow, my memories' vivid today) That sells great all natural migraine pills, that actually work. Next time I go to my moms I'll look for the bottle. <3