Meanwhile in the history of

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O.K. in the history of my college experence. I am
expected at this point to know enough to write sentences
I'll tell you I can tell you my name, tell you yes
or no tell you thank you and goodbye good morning
and a few very limited other thing. Well she
wanted us to go to this site which is all in french
and get information of the Eiffle tower off it and
and I couldn't get the site to give the me the information
I wanted because I didn't know enough french. Which
suck. I want to get to the point I can write
my paper jounal entrys in French so no one else
can read them that way when they are found they
are hard to read that would be my code. and Everyone
would have a really hard time reading them till
they found out what they where trying to read and
what its wrote in
Today I had work and one of the guys who waits
on tables pissed a table off and I was trying to
help one of the girls who took this table over
void the ticket so they would stop complaining. They
where complaining because they didn't want a guy
waiting on them every time they have came in a
female is the only one who waits on them. Only two
people had smoking and everyone said he had done a
great job and had given great serivces no one left
unhappy except this table they didn't want him to
wait on them and I was like its not you its them
they want a girl to wait on them but it still upset
him what made me mad was the guy at the table was
taking shots not only at are male waiters but the cash
host and everyone but the girl waiting on him
That made me mad was he took a cheap shot at me.
And I walked away I let it go to be mature. I
didn't say anything and he kept throwing cheap
shots at me. Reminding me of my twin sister in
so many way someone I haven't talked to in a year
last I heard she had gotten married and was helping with
a fashion company in NEW York her dream but she
still refuse to talk to me and I wasn't invited to
the wedding which was last month.