More and More

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With everything going on around me I am putting
more and more time into school. I called Leo
yesterday since he moved with his family almost a
year ago to Florida only to find out they where
in New Orlendos at the time of the hurrican Leo
said that everyone from his family is o.k. but that
the base they happened to be on was not in such
great shape. His older brother is in the military
and they where with him at the time. Leo said
he is actually on his way home but that means Josh
are new guitarist is going to have to leave and
we have made a bond with him and Erik next week
is leaving to go on tour with another band so we will
need Leo and Josh because Erik won't be back. He
is happy but sad to be leaving us. Josh said he
knows both guitars so Leo will take his spot back
and Josh will move over. Well Last night I did
something that I shouldn't have done. I am
so angry at myself. Last night I went back on
my word to never flirt with someone I knew was
taken and I did it any way and I feel like shit
about it this morning its like what was I thinking
then I relized that I wasn't thinking and that only makes
it worse. I just want to quit pulling my
emotions in a circle on this rollar coaster I have
to stop doing it.