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This poem was inspired by a dream i had last night..


If you cut out my eyes and drink deep of the blood they’ll spill
You’ll dream my memories, and the horrors I’ve bled into the dusk
There’s a murder of black angels screaming from the illusions I’ve built
Casting shadow in crucibles over my faith, and my catalyst life
Shadows that scar and burn images into flesh and mind
Their eyes are cold and black like the heart pumping iron through my form
And their gaze makes me cry these sulfur tears of guilt and shame
The blood that stains these hands will never wash clean
My own reflection is haunted by the empty eyes of those I’ve slain
And a crow has made my horror and guilt its bed
The broken bones and bodies I’ve left in my wake, the perfect nest
And if I wring the hollow angels neck
Only to leave the corpse for the vultures and the flies to feed
Will the murder come to my door, will the black wings invade my sleep
So cut the wings from the black bird, leave the murder angel to walk on two legs
And nail the arms of the crow to the bodies we’ve buried in pine box chests
Give the dead a prayer, a dream to believe heaven is only the sky away
Can I dream without the nightmares
And sleep without the crow’s feet puncturing my chest
Tearing out this dying heart so all can see the scars I’ve reaped
Guilt I’ve stitched into the wounds that spell the words in bloody thread, “Murder