My First GSA Meeting :)

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The date should go down in those "baby's firsts" books, except expanded for like all ages: "Baby's first steps, first tooth, first GSA meeting..." Right.

It was pretty fun--when I walked in, I was really nervous, but after everyone was all hanging out and just talking and stuff, I calmed down. I know about half the people there, but none of them are any specific close friends, or they already have their own social group. So I spent a bit of time wandering around and not saying much and generally being shy, which was not so fun. But it was great to meet some other queer teens that went to my high school! I mean, some of us were waiting for the schoolbus after, and it was like five un-straight people within five feet of each other.

It was good to have that kind of safe environment. Though I'm still wondering if this witty, gorgeous freshman is gay or not. Because it would be fabulous if she liked me... There's this other pretty, French lesbian there, too, but our personalities would not be very good for dating. I thought the GSA might be a lame club or something, but it turned out to be not that way at all. Our advisor is gay, too--she said she was the last gay teacher left in the school. I thought that was pretty scary. Our non-descrimination policy protects student queers, but not the teachers. Maybe I could yell at the administration about that...

Wow, this post is really rambly and choppy. I'm just happy the GSA worked out pretty well!