My Life History

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Enyem Elet Tortenelem (My Life History)
A short story really

I stood and looked at this women I used to know
I leaned against the door frame. This was the present
The baby crys and she walks right past me I'm not
standing there I simply a ghost seeing everything
but no seen by anyone
Then suddenly I've gone back almost eight years
Two ten years olds sitting on swings teasing each other
playing with dolls and tearing are clothes so we
can climb trees Those where the days
Advance five years to two fifteen year olds talking
gossip and skipping class Talking to you under the
bleachers as you light a cigritte to smoke you being
able to see so much than me but you where navie
Know I am back to the present I see again in your room
you run your hands down your face I see the grey
wedding annocement My marriage my commentment to
someone other than you you lost your chance a while
Know its five years in the future you looking at the
phone in you hand. I know that look. I called
to let you know I just adopted my first child
Then its 30 years in the future Your looking at
the death annocement My death the ending of my
life You are not planning on going yet you
need the closure So you will Its suddenly the end of
my life know I am back to in the present wouldn't
it be nice if we could see into the future? To know what
would happen? To look at the past would that be
awesome? I think maybe I wouldn't want to know
please don't show me tonight leave me skeltons in the
closet don't raise the dust off the surfaces
don't ruffle feathers and don't pretend to know
what your talking about.