My school

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I have just singed up my self&my scholl at GLESN for a GSA.

If I am choosen my school will
be the first high school ever in Alabama to a have a GSA.
Here's to Hopeing.


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darn,you got to it before me..just joking..anyways,since i live in Alabama as well,good luck with that!!my school is New Hope,and they are all homophobic ppl who hide under church not knocking religion,but geez,i thought church and state were supposed to be separated?anyways,they have a FCS,Fellowship of Christian Students,so a GSA shouldnt be too difficult.if it is a big problem, then ill get the GLSEN on them or something like that...i dunno how it works..but ill try..ttyl,Quitty!! ~sara~

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I signed up for my gsa in out

I signed up for my gsa in out our school. I actually helped start it this year. People in my school are trying to talk us out of actually signing up for it and there trying to get the admins to go back on there aprivial of the club. I even heard that they are starting to black mail kids so they wont sign up. Its rather scary but they will not stop me from siging up or the rest of the people who want to go.