My Time

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I am laying on my bedroom floor at the moment. Writing
on here taking notes on law and listening to the radio.
I was down here to find shoes and found out my floor
is comfortable more so than the desk and the chair that
goes with it. i like my mushroom chair a lot for doing home
work or being on the internet also. I sometimes
take a nap since at noon it is directly in the sun and
i sometimes like to sleep in the sun. But right know
it is taken by Leo who is back a little early. Erik
left him a note and he has a job already up here beside
the band. Which is great but right know no place
to live. The guys Josh,Danny,Alex and Erik had a place
together. Erik said he could take his room
so the guys don't lose someone paying rent. I think that
is a good idea. I am looking for a roomate my
self but I am not really wanting to share with a guy
since it will just be annoying. I would rather
share with a girl who is a friend. My "almost" sisters
baby was born before I left 7 pounds 7 onces cute
as a button and named Jacob. He is health and looks
happy enough for a baby.