My Vaction

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Well I decide to go for the next five days to see
my cousin's in Tennessee good reason to go since
they are out of college also. I just got here last
night and I am settleing in again. My laptop wouldn't
work right on the plane. I guess it was going to
just be uncooperative and not let me on because know
that I am on soild ground I am able to get online
I needed time away from people who think they know
me extremely well and I am staying with my aunt and
uncle who do know me. Who offered to raise me a long
time ago when my parents where treathening to
throw me out of the house for being gay. So these
family members are the ones I would claim as
family. I have to say my almost sister had her
baby boy Wed the 1st I have just been so busy to
meation it and he is so cute. I'll post more on him later
I need to go we are going out to hit some clubs