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This first one is for a friend the other two
protain to me.

I did something yesterday that I don't regret
I got married you got an invition I know I made
sure it was hand develivered I wanted you to know
first everyone thought I was crazy to invite you then you
didn't even show up
For the first time in a long time I see you with your girlfriend
you call me by my new last name and toss a smile
my way I walk right up and its good to see you
Your new girlfriend she looks just like I use
to we are so far from that look changed on impact
I use to be a red head know I am blond I use to
be shy know I'm not
She reminds me of me when I wasn't married you tell
me you think shes the one well I am happy I like
her a lot it seems like you love her and I'm happy
you've got your peace.

We have one thing in common we both just got are
wings yet we are already being tried yet we haven't
left the ground we can't leave the nest cause we
won't make it far
Everyone thinks we need protecting you where always
the strongest so everyone says they are watching
me back everyone says they are trying to keep me
Well I feel safe when I'm alone at night No more
prying eyes no more terrible lies I don't have to
put up my guard and I don't have to lead any more
I'm safe in the arms of the one I love just like
you are too. He needs you in order to say grounded
I haven't found that yet don't let him go don't
lose faith he loves you so I can see it in his eyes

I wanted that summer to last forever I was like
a storm no end in sight I was rageing with all
I had in me and you blew over me like a calm in the
middle of a hurrican.
You brought peace and calm you stopped that rage
and the only time you saw that was in my eyes
when we where making love
I loved you fully and ended up in so much pain
yet I was o.k. I stayed calm then May came again and I
became a storm again looking for someone to love
And when i crashed lightening from the sky and
listened to the thunder fade with no one with me
I've learned what I needed to that for the time ALL
I every needed was myself


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hey there

very beautiful, i enjoy reading your peoms

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Don't worry you're just as sane as I am