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This is my first post and well I'm 16 and bi leaning towards guys, I'm a guy btw. I decided I'm going to come out to my father but I don't really know how to do it. I'm thinking of asking my older brother who knows to tell him, or e-mailing him. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Just be calm when do so&timei

Just be calm when do so&timeing is everything.Good luck.I'm bi to,i also lean toward guys.
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just do it when you're ready.

just do it when you're ready. I old my best friend first, then my sister, and they both took it better then I'd thought. The way I did it was I wrote my sister a rather sketchy letter, not revealing anything, but telling her I wanted to talk to her about something, and that it was really embarrassing for me (this was before I was open about it), so to be patient with me, but to make me tell her. In the end, it's not as hard as our minds make it seem. Good luck, hope it goes well! <3

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coming out

garsh... well, Timing is a very big thing.. (me being my usual prick, ended up coming out in a rather jokingly fasion, and it's still haunting me.) Be serious, but give them time. (for some reason it seams to be a bigger thing for others to grasp than for you to, how that works i dont know, but.) go into the conversation well informed..
if you haven't already do research on issues, and "status" of LGBT in your community (legally and whatnot and general oppinion.) and, I would abosolutly pray that you wouldnt need it, but reasources for people thrown out of their homes because of this... financial aid, etc...
I say that because i dont know your family, or your general backround. I would pray that your father be accepting, but there is always a possibility. perhaps im being cold, but i know someone who got kicked out of their home because of being "gay." if nothing else i am thorough

when i came out to my sister, who honestly is the person i really give a shit about in my family, i ended up crying... seems that that happened to most of the "out" people i know.

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Well as someone already said,

Well as someone already said, timing is everything. On the night I came out to my parents I did not know I was going to come out. Its just that the timing was right and it just kinda blurted out of me... Personally I think just you know when the time is right.. Now, I wouldnt just go on my opinion. Someone else could have done the same thing as me and their parents reacted badly.. My parents reactions were really good. I think parents know anyways...they just dont want to know.
Good luck in whatever you decide!

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well, you should tell your da

well, you should tell your dad when you're ready you think you're brave enough to do so, then go for it! good luck! :)

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this is resolved, thanks for

this is resolved, thanks for all the suggestions though! My dad now knows and accepts me. Thanks again!