Needing some serious reassurance....

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Ergh, somehow the issue of my sexuality came into play tonight. My mother in one of her loony stages told it to my dad, my dad brought it up with sister. And so I kinda publicly came out to my family tonight. My father doesn't believe it, but he 'accepts' me for who I am. It's still a sin, but they 'accept' me. At least I'm still treaated normally. Although, I'm not allowed to bring it up with my sisters. WTF? I'm openly out, but I can't talk about it with my siblings. That is possibly the most fucked up thing I've ever heard. My mother even told my grandmother. I don't think she believed her, but it's still kind of hard to grasp. Well, other than that, I just needed some love and support from you guys. Please just gimme a shout out, I need it bad. You guys are the greatest anyway.


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hey, even though i don't quite know you, i've got your back. i know i would freak if my dad found out...and so would he. if you ever need anything just holla. good luck :)

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Hey sweetie. Don't worry, the

Hey sweetie. Don't worry, they'll come to terms with it eventually. As for not talking about it with your sibs, well screw that notion because they're bound to have questions. and why should you hide from them? family is family, no matter where in the generation gap they are. message me if ya need anything.

take care and hugs,

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that is pretty weird but hang in there. at least you got some acceptance. hopefully things will get better with time.
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Oh, gosh, that's an odd situation. Doesn't sound like too much fun. As you know, you have our support.


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They just need some time to s

They just need some time to settle into it. everything is going to turn out fine *much love!*

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*Hugs* Hey hun, like people h

*Hugs* Hey hun, like people have said- it may just take a while for people to become adjusted to it and hopefully when they do then things will be easier going. It's amazing you came out- I'm still half way into the closet- and you have my full love and support :D I just wish I was as brave :-)

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O.k. *HUG* I am sure it will take them a while
to adjust then it should get easier *hug* I got your
back even thought I barely know you.

Don't worry you're just as sane as I am

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Rare are the families who wil

Rare are the families who will 100% accept you. We all have family who don't understand, think we are doing something wrong, think we don't know. . .
But it gets better. I was just thinking now how great my relationship to my dad is, now that we have stopped bullshitting each other. He stopped wanting me to be the son he always wanted, I accepted that I would never be on the same level as my bros, so now we get along really well.

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Well, like everyone else said, we're here for you. This will blow over, as your family gets more used to it. Hang in there! And talk to your sisters about it if you can, despite what your parents tell you. It's important for them to have (good) anwers to their questions. We're always here for you.

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YOU GUYS IS THE BESTEST IN THE WORLD!!! (I know I sound like a fuckin' idiot, but I've never gotten so much positive support in the span of...erm, a short amount of time before.)

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