New Poetry

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O.k. I signed up to take a creative writing course
for last saterday this saterday and the next saterday
well I have fallen in love with a new kind of poetry
its called story poetry and I have already posted
one of them on here and didn't get much responds
from it so I am guess there isn't much that anyone
knows about it or if they do they just don't like
it. So I am going to use this to explain it a little
bit Since my classes on those days are five hours long
its nice that its something I like.

Story Poetry (not textbook either)
Is a form of poetry that includes but isn't limited
to the following authors Sylvia Plath and Lisa t. (I'm not
sure who she is it didn't give a last name just an
intital.) In this form of writing there is not
verse but rather paraghapys and in the poem you
are more freer to express you emotions and not
have to worry about rhyming all the words. Many
writers would probably much rather write a story
but some don't want to feel confined in that kind
of writing this allows you to step out side of both
boxes poetry and storys and to come up with something
so much more different It allows freedom and voice
to be connected and for more people to be heard. This
allows for dialog if needed and serveal different
veiw points should the writer feel it is needed making
it unquie and specail to mostly America only.

Another one I love is non rhyming poetry i love it
cause it allows me to write what I want I hope that
explained what I wrote a few entrys ago. I relized
maybe not everyone is familiar with it so I decide
to put it up here and see what feedback I got from
it I will probably post another one in a few days


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Oh, you like Sylvia Plath! me too. especially "daddy, and "lady lazarus.."

do you have any favorite poets?


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Sylvia Plath ranks as number one Jewel would be
next Emily Dickerson (I think is her last name)
Just stuff that seems dark.

Don't worry you're just as sane as I am