Oh, Daisy. You are a bottomless pit of sexual confusion.

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I think it's time I say something about this.

So I casually mentioned a boy who likes me in my last entry (I don't expect any one to remember that). Well. He still likes me. But that's not the issue.

I think that I like him.

I have several theories/rationalizations for this situation:

a) I'm really young, right? It's okay to flip-flop and experiment, especially now.

b) Even though I'm not attracted to boys, in general, it's not all that weird to have feelings for just one.

c) I don't have to do anything that I don't want to do. So I can like him or not, and he can like me or not, and if we kiss and I hate it, that's just fine. And if I don't hate it, that's fine, too.

Alright. I'm a little upset. I'm trying to look at this in what I consider to be the smart, healthy way, telling myself that I'm allowed to feel whatever I feel, and that it's alright to be confused, and that labels are worthless... Blah.

Any thoughts? (Anything you guys have got would be greatly appreciated).


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you can't rationalize somethi

you can't rationalize something that needs to
dealt with by feeling and doing,through experiance alone
you will find an answer that best suites you.
contemplating endlessly about if's ands or butts only leaves one
feeling dizzy and confused from running around in too
many circles (:


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dont feel you have to justify

dont feel you have to justify this, especially to YOURSELF. its fine to like a guy, even if you usually like girls. see what happens with him, just like you would if you liked a girl and she liked you. nothing has to happen you dont want to, but unless you see what happens, you'll still be confused. not all girls are the same and not all guys are either, so dont rule out someone you like just because of his sex. if it ends up turning you off when you get closer, so be it, hes not for you. this is the best time to be confused anyway, not when your older and more set on one track. see how it goes, good luck!

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Sexuality is a web of confusi

Sexuality is a web of confusion and misbeleifs. It confuses all who actually look at it. Don't think you need all the answers.

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I don't think I have anything

I don't think I have anything new to say. You can be a lesbian and have a crush on a boy. If it works out- all the better. If not, then that's ok too. Do whatever feels right to you.
It is nice to fit yourself into a label- I sure love to. However, don't let your your label stop you from following what your mind or heart tells you.
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I've actually felt something

I've actually felt something towards a girl, it's very rare, though. But there are some girls that make me glow, and it will be because of their innocence and kindness. To be precise, only 2 girls in my whole life have given me that tingling sensation.

I let them slip through my fingers though.