pic day

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I think I'll stick with YEAH club this year, I actually know some of the people in it, my friend Grant from german last year--very cool kid,Dawn from the sophomore history class that I did advanced study last year, and as most of the members are under classmen it's much less intimidating.

So Fred and Mark, unfortunately because Chris was power tripping and there have been a bunch of club scheduling difficulties had to plan spanish club for wednesdays so I can't go, they apologised to me though and seemed genuinely disappointed that I wouldn't be there whcih is kind of nice.

Picture day was today and the photographer was bitching about how none of the seniors were smiling and we all looked irritated--i politely explained that many of us would only be yusing these photos for student ID's and not senior portraits and she became rather irritated...thankfully she had already taken a reaaly crappy pic of me and i was able to run back to english as the bell rang for break to collect my books and I didn't have to stick around.

Speaking of picture day, the lines were incredibly long and it took almost 40 minutes for me to get my picture taken and I was right in front of this group of junior guys who kept making snide comments about the fact that you have to kneel when your photo is taken. They weren't just sticking to making them abotu the girls and being all mysogynistic, they made them about the guys as well and kept calling people faggot...very innapropriate. I mentioned this to my english teacher when I got back and I had to explain to him that most of it was spurned by the whole kneeling thing, he got all perplexed and his comment was "I hadn't thought about that...kneeling...hmmm."