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Had the slowest day at school. Scribbled down a bunch of thoughts in maths. Here we go:

His skin, how soft
Succulent warm - it brushes lightly
His hair, it glows
It dances wildly, on his brow,
Vivid eyes, glimmering in the sun
Looking me up
Odor and scent, soaring on air
A smile so sweet, sugary delight
He truly is my gallant knight
So why then bother
You might as well give in
Where life met its end it will once more begin


Lost in space and time and love
The only thing I’m thinking of
Is why this moment has to end
Why won’t time stop or heal or bend
I need you so my rigid friend
Smelling the soft and silken strands
Of hair, I wonder, was I wrong
Who thought that life was ever long
It only seems to run along

- Dim