question about love ???????????

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how do u tell someone and make them beleive how much you love them? how is it possible to feel so much and have someone else question it? has there ever been a couple who knew so much that they loved one another? love is a feeling that overwhelms you and when you cant get someone to understand it hurts. why doesnt she beileve me sometimes when i say it? do i say it wrong? does time and distance make it harder? im so in love with her. i rush home to to talk to her i skip meetings and work to sit on the computer with her. why is love so elusive when it comes to showuing to someone but you know for a fact that its there inside of you? its frustrating that i know she doesnt beleive me bim so freakin in love with her. why cant she just understand? why is it so hard to beleive that i could love someone? why am i so scared ill lose her because of it?


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This is a long-distance relat

This is a long-distance relationship, and because of this much more faith and belief is required. How do you prove to her that you love her with text and words? You simply can't. You can tell her and mean it, but the words can never carry it across, because the love is in your soul and heart.

You may think she is hesitant, and you may fool yourself that if you don't do something quick she'll slip through your fingers, but overreacting might cause her fear.

Love is delicate, and fragile. It's as if you are walking to each other in a place laced in landmines. One step can ruin it.

I sound harsh, I'm sorry.

Just believe.

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that was actually really good

that was actually really good...

It's not that I don't believe you when you say it. It's letting myself believe it and worrying that believing might lead to getting hurt in the end.

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Don't take this the wrong way

Don't take this the wrong way, but might it not be healthier to maybe take a short break? If you weren't talking about your girlfriend, I would think you were talking about some drug. Are you really in love, or are you afraid of the possibility of being lonely? Do you really enjoy talking to her, or are those conversations like some kind of fix?

A short break can answer those questions, and you may come out of it with an even stronger feeling of love for her.

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I agree with shivan

Love IS delicate. Actions do speak louder than words.

I once heard a simile about love being like a dance. Each partner moves together, loosely,harmoneously, and gracefully, as though they are one. However, if one partner holds the other too tightly, the dance becomes rigid and isn't so graceful.

Anyway, someone once told me that maybe i was just hormonal when i said i loved her. It hurt like hell to think that maybe part of what she said was right. However, I knew I meant what I said. I still love her and i try to be there for her whenever she needs me. In that way, I try to show her with my actions that i do love her...that I'm not just physically attracted, or lonely...but that her friendship and love is all that I desire (in whatever form it may come).