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So.. strangely enough I'm having girl problems.. heh

I've known this girl Sarah for like.. all my life, we've been really good
friends and not alot more. We've started hanging out a little bit more
lately but it hasn't really changed anything..

But last week a new girl moved to our school named Eva.. and Eva really
seems to like me, and I like her.. but because Eva is hitting on me Sarah
is getting more distant because she likes me as well..

You wouldn't think people liking you is problem right? Well i like both of
them pretty well.. so if date one i know i'll hurt the other.. but i can't
just avoid them or anything.. and rigth now i'm like.. switching who i have
to hang out with.. like i'll go on a "date" with Sarah, and then go on one
with Eva the next day

The only REAL problem is that.. well..

I want to date men..

They both know i'm into guys... they both know i want a boyfriend.. but it
just doesnt seem to get through to them.

My minor problem is that, as i've said innumerous times, there are no
guys anywhere near me that are gay or bi, or at least that i know of..

I like both of these girls.. i could date either one and be happy i'm sure,
but i dont know how i could do it without upsetting one or the other. Both
of them have great qualities that makes me really like them.. but in the
back of my head i'm sitting here knowing that i'm just.. not into girls..

So in one hand i could date one and be mildly happy and upset the other,
all the while lying to myself and saying i can have a relationship with
a woman and be fine..

And in the other i could just not do anything with either of them and admit
that i'm screwed :-/


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you've said yourself what you really want is a guy so wait fot a guy and have them both as good friends.

--would the last one out please shut the door--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**