Should Oasis be sraight inclusve?

49% (26 votes)
9% (5 votes)
Why?,If they hate us lets hate them.
6% (3 votes)
Hell No what have they ever done for us!?
4% (2 votes)
maybe,if they will be good.
32% (17 votes)
Total votes: 53


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I'm not sure which to vote i

I'm not sure which way to vote in my own poll.
I decide on nuber 3
Cogito Ergo Sum

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I disagree...

I disagree, not all straights are homophobes. Hell, without my straight friends I never would have survived my coming out. Besides that many of the straights I know are actively supporting the local GSA. This site could even be a teaching tool of sorts as well. Teaching concerned straights, who want to help the us fight for equal rights, what we want, who we are, and that we do not all fit a fucking stereotype.

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Of course

Of course it should.

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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"Be the change you wish to se

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

That includes not hating anyone solely because of their sexual orientation. An eye for an eye leads to a blind world.

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It should be inclusive of eve

It should be inclusive of everyone, so long as they respect the rules and other members of the site.

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let's not discriminate?

let's not discriminate?

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my friends enjoy my sexuality

my friends enjoy my sexuality more than i do i think. the women wanna talk about guys and ask if they look edible in clothing and the guys wanna talk about women and how they look edible in clothing =^^= but seriously. let's be the bigger people and not discriminate ya know?
~a fallen angel~

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i dont no

i dont no but right now i dont think it should if there were straight people here i wouldnt be as comfortable and i think we would get like 5 times as many straights as queers aand then i would feel so uncomfortable stating my feeling and i think we would noit get many new people that way either i think all the queers would stop coming and i wouldnt want that but that is just my opinon right now. That was one big run on sentence

How can we accuratly describe our feelings in words?
We can't

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not discrimination

i dont want to be a bad person or anything and i do love my straight friends, it's just that it's so hard to find a place where you know that everyone feels similar to you. this place makes me feel alive and like i am still a normal teenager to some extent and im afraid that will be ruined with more straights.

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I belive an eye for an eye is

I belive an eye for an eye is good jsutice.

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Absolute retribution is not a

Absolute retribution is not an effective or appropriate way to conduct justice.

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Did I miss the biology class where Heterosexual was defined as "One who hates homosexuals"? If you want to play the angst card against certain individuals, then that's fine, but labelling all heterosexuals as homophobic is just as bad as the homophobia itself.

On a lighter note, if they have something to contribute, then great. Look at it from your own point of view. If, pre-coming out, you have 3 or 4 close friends then, statistically, the chances are, none of them will be gay. As such, allowing straight guys and girls an insight into our world, as it were, can be trés utile, since it may help them to understand what their GBLTQ friends might be going through and can give them an opportunity to ask those niggling questions which aren't always appropriate face to face. Even if no-one close to them is having issues with their sexuality, it really can't do any harm to have greater openness about the related subject areas. It's not like being gay is an exclusive club or anything o.O

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Every one is takeing this out

Every one is takeing this out of context.I meant that if they are ones that don't like us they need to keep out.If they are fine with us then they can stay.

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Isn't that covered by "Maybe,

Isn't that covered by "Maybe, if they're good"? My rant was more aimed at those who chose "Why? If they hate us lets hate them," for obvious reasons. "Maybe" and "No" are fair enough, but options 3 and 4 seem to me to be gratuitously inflamatory. Apologies if that was not the intention, but it does strike me as such.

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I see.I know where I live mos

I see.I know where I live most of the staights hate the Bis&Gay,and we don't like them ethier.I am glad peolpe are talking about this.
Cogito Ergo Sum

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What about a straight person who is confused or concerned about a GLBTQ friend or family member? What about a straight person who's passionate about gay rights? A straight person who wants to know what it's like to be gay? A straight person who wants to know what they can do to support us?

More imporantly, what about somebody who comes here at a time when s/he questioning their sexuality, makes friends with us, becomes a valuable part of the community, and eventually realizes that they're straight, after all; would that person not be welcome anymore?

What kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties?

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I understand the concern of p

I understand the concern of people who feel that they would be unable to express themselves with a significantly larger amount of straight people on the website, but even then, it's still a question of discrimination. The website is designed to be a place for people to talk about their own or others' experiences, thoughts, beliefs, etc., revolving mostly around support for and inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, etc. people.

I appreciate this website not because it's filled with queer people, but because it feels safe and supportive. That's the same with my friends; they're almost all straight, but I'm friends with them because they're supportive of me and we can have fun hanging out together. The membership here is open to anyone, I believe, but, by the very nature of the theme of this website, straight people are going to be in much shorter supply than gay/bisexual/transgender people. I'm quite sure that there will never be a point where the website has an amount of straight posters anywhere near the amount of non-straight posters.

I think any straight person who is brave enough to register an account here for whatever reason (barring flame-wars and trolling) has just as much right to read and comment and offer support here than non-straight people. The fact that the person cares that much should make the environment a much more comfortable one.

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Maybe it's the fact that I'm an idealist, but it amazes me that this conversation is even taking place. I feel very sorry for the people here who are that uncomfortable with straights. I know they're not always civil to us. I hate to use the term "them" because it makes it seem like there's a definate seperation from "us". And let's face it, there's not. We want people to see us for who we are, not who we kiss goodnight. Wouldn't it make sense to give them the same courtesy? Any straight joining at this point would be a minority. We all know how much that feeling sucks. Why not try to be welcoming to anyone who supports the same things we do? I really don't understand...

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First off, reciprocating prejudice is neither mature nor effective. It just polarizes groups and produces more prejudice. This is why GSAs are so important: it helps everyone realize that we are all people, and that sexual orientation/gender identity is not much of an influence on who someone really is. Telling open-minded, questioning, gay-activist, siblings-of-queer, etc. straight people they aren't allowed to learn about gay issues will only hurt and slow down any acceptance of our diversity as a group. There is such a thing as straight allies, and there are a fair amount of them.

So there's my straight-people-are-people-too rant.

As for the effect it will have on the site, I'm not as sure about that . I doubt there will be a stampede of straight people signing up for Oasis. However, a very large proportion of straights on Oasis could change the atmosphere of the community. I think we should still include straights on this site, though, because of the educational value in learning about gay issues. If it becomes a problem, we can deal with it then.

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Who would deal with it? We do

Who would deal with it? We don't have a Mod. or Adm. that I know of.

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Its as simple as this...Treat everyone else like you want them to treat you. We already know that we have straight members and they are a positive addition as far as I can see. So why should we not include them? There is no evidence here at Oasis that would convey that heterosexuals don't make good members in an otherwise homosexual web community, and until that changes they have a right to be here to, they are our friends and family, the ones that support us and try to understand, so let them.

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You know what Eye for an ey

You know what
Eye for an eye is very imature
you should just take the high road and have more dignity
we should all be tolerant because we know what its like to be outcsted
(well at least most of us)

You... Need to

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Tolerant to the sraights, tha

Tolerant to the sraights, that hates us& oppse us? are you kidding.

Cogito Ergo Sum

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Not all of them hate us you t

Not all of them hate us you twat

You... Need to

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I think I have fianll decide

I think I have fianlly decided that sraight peolpe are ok.
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I'm straight, sorries if some of you have a problem with it, but we aren't all freaky homophobes. That's like saying, all gays are heterophobes (Is that even a word?)

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I think that is a word,it not

I think that is a word,it not you can make it one.Like the M.d. in 50s that coined the word homophobia.
Plus I just said my feels on sraight peoel have chanded.
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