So frustrated

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I don't know what was going on yesterday, but it was like the schoolwide homophobia day. Usually my school is pretty bad in a subtle sort of way, but yesterday everyone was like really up front with it.
In English class we were in groups debating whether or not the Wife of Bath was a feminist,
because we are reading the Canturbery tales. (middle english, eww) Somehow our group started talking
about lesbians, because of the relation between feminism and lesbianism in most peoples mind,
though I personally think that relation should die. but anyway one of the members of t
of our group was one of those homosexuality is a choice and they can be reformed people.
He was all like, yeah they have almost proven that it is a choice, blah blah blah,
when anyone who knows anything about it could tell he had no clue what he was talking about.
And my group members agreed with him. I really wanted to say something but I completely froze up.
Then afterwords I was talking to a couple of my friends and they told me that earlier
one of them had given the other a hug and this girl that they didn't know
(my old roommates current roomate) cme up to them and was like "{eww, why dont you lesbians save yourself for guys, thats disgusting" they aren't even together for christs sake. One of them even has a boyfriend. I'm just so angry. And its like all I heard all day was people using gay as an insult. I even heard someone that I know is gay use it as an insult. I don't know if I was just really sensitive yesterday or what, but I was ready to kill something. I'm still beating myself up for not saying anything in english class, that was really awfull. They had all lesbians said to be big scary butches you can spot a mile away. In the mantime I was in incredible pain from an infected spider bite, which had to be drained that night. All I can say is I am really glad I'm in the dorm I'm in, because it is accepting which is why almost everyone gay or sympathetic requests to live there. The Resident counsilers are really strict but their nice so its like the perfect hall for me. So I can be happy about that at least. I'm just so agravated. This is a school for gifted people, so why is everyone so stupid.


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im sorry you have tolive in s

im sorry you have tolive in such a homophobic environment but dont be mad at yourself for not speaking up, its not easy to in tht situation.

--how can you smile with all those tears in your eyes?--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**