something's wrong

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my senses are tingling. something's wrong. my scalp is prickling, and my witch sences are going haywire.
my dad hasn't killed himself (yet), and my mom's doing fine. so what's wrong? is emma okay? is wolf?
i can't call either of them, but i need to know. something is very wrong. what is going on? can any of you feel it?



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No, but I would trust your wi

No, but I would trust your witch senses. Or it could be you are just overwhelmed with the need to contact the ones you love. I used to get huge feelings of overwhelming despair which would make me want to cry.

If you know how to cast any protection spells, it may be a good idea to.

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yeah, i wish

it's not despair, i don't think so, anyway. my protection spells suck. i'm only an apprentice, being mentored by a ghost, and my most prominant abilities are telepathey and talking with plants. well, not talking, but...feeling with them. the only protection spell i've ever cast is for my 'shrine' (not really a shrine, but it's got all my special stuff on it), and it only sorta works. i had to draw a lot of power from my stones to get it to work.
maybe i'll try it again tonight. thanks for the idea.

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I don't want to offend anybody, but... Witch senses?


What grade are we in again?

What kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties?

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Now now daisy, we are respect

Now now daisy, we are respectful of everybody here. Though I may not be wiccan myself, I know a few who are, and they are just as intelligent, sensitive, and loving as anybody else.

And we can voice our opinion without being negative or talking down to people.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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yeah, witch sences

no offence taken, but....i don't really believe it either, but i've been told that i could be a witch, and so i'm being taught by a master. a warlock. yeah, it sounds really strange. i'm a scientist by nature, and i keep trying to prove it, but i can't. i just know what i can feel. my gf and i used to have whole conversations with eachother at night without the phone. in our heads. just...regular stuff. and we would talk about it the next morning. so...not sure if that helps. i'm not asking you to believe it, 'cause i know it's pretty hoky. in your place, i wouldn't believe it, either. but it's happening to me.

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Possible Rationale

With regards to the idea of long distance conversations with your girlfriend, I'd suggest that you look into the work of Rupert Sheldrake ( if you wish to satisfy your inner scientist with something of an explanation.

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i used to think i could hear

i used to think i could hear voices in my head at night, but it turns out it was just the neighbours television.


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Heya, I'm not really a witch

Heya, I'm not really a witch myself- although I did study Wicca for a bit and still practice the basic ideas- but maybe I can help? Have you tried to meditate, or lucid dream? Sometimes you need to be 'out of it' before you can notice sometihng that mnay help. Can you astral project? If so you could try to visit Emma or Wolf (I'm sorry I don't now your situation with those people, so forgive me if I'm just spouting nonsense!) Maybe asking the Tarot or the runes could help also?

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i tried to contact them, but

i tried to contact them, but it just got worse. wolf's okay, i think, but i don't have anything to go by for jacob or tobin. goddess, please let emma be okay....

"What is the purpose of life, if not to be out?"