Sometimes life is just there

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Sometimes life is just there, you don’t always feel like you in it. It’s not that you not here at all just a strange detached feeling, like the world is passing you by. But instead of a feeling of calm you are over whelmed with thoughts of failure, and uncertainty. I would think that as the world passed you by you could just sit and watch, not have to worry about catching up. Why do I sit here alone in this kitchen and feel as if life is out there for the taking but I have no way of grabbing hold.
I find my self worrying so much about money. I wish that was a concept never thought up! Money is a vice the human race is addicted to, and rehab… there is none. Sure you could shun economics but how will you eat, where would you sleep, how would you even begin to explain the concept to others?
It’s not a fair world, this I know, but I just wish sometimes that it could be easy… it could be fair… the good guy really could win. I wish love was real and we could be strong enough to see it when it is there, and brave enough to hold on tight when we find it.
Why does hate come so naturally to people? Why do we fine it easier to judge one another rather than simply accepting? Why can’t we look inside are selves and see the beauty we poses, a natural born gift to trust and love with no strings attached… why must we grow up, harden are selves to this world, and isolate our harts?
Is it really so hard to just BE? I am me! I am how I was born to be, and I am comfortable in that. I am lucky; most people go through this world thinking less of them selves than they should. I do believe in the concept that we are all unique beautiful creations from birth to death, so why don’t you?
We as a people find it so fucking hard to look past the tips of our own noses. Even when we manage to see more than just ourselves it’s only because we are looking down our noses at it. The world is as the world made its self, and is altered by our greedy and often unkind hand. It is up to us to love our brother, are world, and to protect that which can not protect its self.

We are as we where made, the gift of free-will placed us here, and we alone can change it.