take on you is simple

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I saw it happening all the time the home I grew up in
you should know I've been though a lot and baby
I'd like to give it all but Listen to my story first

My dad was distant love was given with good grades
Daddy was in the military and he vebal abused my
mom and my little sister(s) I missed it cause I
tryed to love just like I was taught to but you where
cold and distant and didn't care

My mom was caring yes but she would rather be
someone who was unattached to me i'm so tried of
being what you think I am you don't understand me or
my morals and you think I am weird

My sister(s) is younger than me she always looked
up to me I can't be a role model she always tryed
to love me but I raised her from a baby she was like
a child one that was unwantd at least to me and my
parents adored her while I tried to be me

So when you question who I am you always question
my morals and when I ask you why you shurg your shoulders

PS. This is written about my sister Kat. Not really
much of anyone else on the sister part. At least