The Coming of the Crow

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I had THE strangest dream of my life last night, and vivid too.

It basically was just me waking up in my sleep and there being a crow on
my chest. Sounds stupid right? well the thing started talking to me.. like
a full conversation on just random things, some really dumb and some
very provacative.

Like.. it told me it hated flying.. thats it's nothing like what you
would expect and it's totally overrated.. Just some really dumb stuff..

And then it would say things like.. "God is always watching, whether
you choose to believe it or not" It told me that problems we face in
out lives are just tests of character, like some ultimate "becoming" of
ourselves. It's impossible to be completly perfect, but you can live
completly content.

It said that people are born with certain tasks to fulfill because it
will teach them some ultimate lesson.. like.. my being gay isn't some
form of punishment.. it's just because i need to encounter the world
from that perspective to be "complete"

It would say things like.. the bible wasn't written to be followed, it's
merely a test of principles for those who do choose to follow it, and
a test for those who don't as to whether they should accept the doctorine
of the church or find their own path..

It talked of Angels being on earth constantly, watching over us carefull
and dictating certain aspects of society and culture, and that everyone
has a "guardian" being that protects them to what extent it can.

All in all it was strange to say the least.. but i thought it was
interesting enough to tell oasis ^-^


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You have like the coolest dre

You have like the coolest dreams.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."