The Phantom of the Opera Is there

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OMG I just got back from the phantom of the opera and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!


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the curse of the phantom

Every time I hear even a few verses of any song in that musical, I get it stuck in my head for at least an entire day. After I saw the movie I had Phantom music stuck in my head for almost a month! It was hell! I used to love Phantom of the Opera, but now I avoid it like the plague. Imagine trying to do your math homework with "Masquerade" or "Music of the Night" playing in your head.
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I know..

..those songs are annoyingly catchy!


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School Play

My school is going to do the Phantom of the Opera for this year's musical. I can't wait to see it!

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oh, phantom totally rocks. li

oh, phantom totally rocks. live and on screen. it is AWESOME! i've been obsessed with it since i was four. love it.

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