Underneath your clothes

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Based on a song. I have just been hanging out not
really worrying all that much about anything. I
am hanging out with friends, and the family I
choice. I have been taking care of my godsons
and my almost sisters baby she is so tried from
staying up with him all night and yet he seems fine
during the day. So I am spending the night with her
tonight. I think these people see me like I see my
self. They encouarge me and I can curl up in there
laps and cry if I need to. They see what is here
without all the extra.I know they see the pain
I am in and the pain I cause myself. I know they
see what I need and thats love from someone who
loves me like I love them and not just liking me
because I can get them into some of the hottest
clubs around here. I am tried of worrying about
what someone is dating me for in a few more months
I won't have to worry. We have sat down as a group
and said that in Decemeber we are taking a break and
in December 2006 we will get back together. We as
a band need to stop and see what we want and if this
is really what we want. I hate this but I decide
its what I want to see if this is how I want it.
Because I am leaving to go stay in Tennessee and I
am not sure we all wanted to agree but we did we
know what we are letting go and we know it is only for
a year and then we will come back and see what
we want if its still the group then we push forward
I feel so sad and yet I feel freer somehow like
another chapter in my life has come to an end but I know
another is about to start