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"I'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell"

words,- is that all the world has to offer me?...mishapen inscriptions on post-its/ memos/ ingraved on ur lips...

i know you just want to make it okay-
so that the world doesnt sound so bad-
so that you dont come out so bad.

bad is a bad word...in its innocence it implies so much wrong/hatefulness/vulgarity/obscenity...

what is obscenity?... truth?

whats wrong with truth- apart from the fact that it hurts like a bitch on drugs...i'm sorry
was that obscene?

there's too much going on today.

my thoughts are incoherent...
the glue that used to work so well to peice them altogether has now wore thin- 'tis over diluted.
dilute me, oh mighty diluter-
sometimes i think i'm too intense-
not necessarily me per se- but my life.

j'ai besoin d'un verre d'eau
( i need a glass of water)

something clear- simple- H20...lucid.

i am sick and tired of looking for lucidity in clearly opaque places/people...
i don't hate people-
i just dont like what they do sometimes.