"We Can Be Friends in Hell. Until Then I Despise You and Probably Always Will"

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"We Can Be Friends in Hell. Until Then I Despise You and Probably
Always Will; I Can't Afford To Make Another Mistake Like You"

So the above quote is what my friend Sarah said to me today at school..
Nice isn't it? Try screaming it because that's how i got it, now
after screaming that make sure all your friends are around, scream
"Go Fuck yourself you goddamned fucking faggot; fuck you luke" and then
begin to cry uncontrolably.. Gosh isn't that awesome?

So this weekend i really really really fucked up.. awesome.

Friday I took Eva out and we ate and then shot pool for an hour or so.
It was really fun, and i was totally suprised how awesome playing pool is.
We had a great time and stuff.. it was cool

Saturday I worked til 11 and then went and picked up Eva at Huddle House;
before i could pick her up though i had to wait and hour because she didn't
really think i was coming and so asked to work longer.. So i went and shot
some more pool...

Ironically at the pool hall apprantly the guys there had just been to
chatinooga the day before and happened to go into the wrong kind of bar
because they're fucking idiots and dont know what the rainbow in the
windows meant. So the whole time i'm there those bastards are sitting there
talking about how much they hate fags, how much they'd kill one if one
was int heir pool hall and i'm IN there. I have an earring in my rigth ear
so i figured i was dead.. they were gonna rape me with a pool stick and
then skin and kill me. Luckily they are fucking idiots and didn't know
about the earring thing either.

So i went back, picked up Eva and we went camping which was.. tensful to
say the least? I found out when i got there that like 5 people had left
because i'm a "fucking asshole" and they didnt want to see me there..

The rest of the night consisted of me and a bunch of mostly lesbians
talking, and me trying to avoid Sarah because she was really hitting on me.

If you dont know, i've managed to make Eva and Sarah both really want to
date me, despite the fact that, i am infact gay. Great huh?

So the entire night was a disaster for Sarah because i mostly hung out with
Eva, simply because Eva has accepted that i'm gonna date men and she is SO
cool with it. She's like one of the coolest people i've met in my entire
life. So after that horrible night, i managed to sleep in my car, or at
least try too, but Eva came up and we talked until morning. We had some
really cool conversations. Sarah woke up to find me and Eva alone in my car
and i'm sure she thought that was wierd.. she left at that point

Sunday we packed up camp, and i hung out with Eva the rest of the day. We
had plans to go with Chrissy and Erien to the movies to see "The Exorcism
of Emily Rose" and somehow i got stuck taking both Eva and Sarah, awesome.

We go to Sarah's house and i was helping her in the car when her mom
saw all the camping girl in it and asked.. and me.. being a fucking idiot
told her that i had been camping at a supposed "all girls camp out"

her mom freaks and Sarah couldn't go so i just went with Eva.. at this
point was very deppressed.

Today, i was late to class by 3 seconds.. like two steps from being in the
door and my teacher told me to go get a tardy slip. My vice principal
got pissed as fuck and revoked my parking permit because this is three
times already.. so now i have to take the bus to school.

After class Sarah gave me my CD's back.. and said she wanted to talk to me
and comminced to ask me out.. and all i could say was.. "Sarah.. it wont
work.. i'm gay"

That's about the point all my other friends came over and i got the above

Why doesnt god just kill me and get it over with?


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Im sorry about your fight with Sarah. But i think se really just likes u, and dont want you to be gay....

Hey, didnt your other friends already know u were gay?

- Dim

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Dim is right imo, she just wa

Dim is right imo, she just was reacting to the fact that she could never date you. She might have also felt betrayed, or foolish, embarressed, and might have blamed you for it.

She may come around, if not, I guess you'll just have to move on.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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Yeah they do.. but i really just dont like the word faggot at all

"You want us to do WHAT?!?!"
~Chinese wall constructors

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This same thing happened to m

This same thing happened to me several times, though I never got a response like that. A lot of the girls that I know have, at one point or another, wanted to go out with me, and so every time one of them asked, I told her that it wouldn't work because I was gay. Some of the time, the girl became a very good friend. Other times, the girl stopped speaking to me, or treated me VERY DIFFERENTLY from before (i.e. acting very strange around me, not talking about anything that she used to talk about with me in the room, etc.).

I sympathize with you over that reaction. However, I also agree with Dim and Ghosba Sensei that she was probably very, very upset simply because it seems like she was hoping so much for you to want to go out with her. She got her hopes up, and when they crashed down, she let out her frustration. Hopefully it'll get better.