what belifes do you hold

23% (19 votes)
23% (19 votes)
Protesent( non-Catholic)
10% (8 votes)
10% (8 votes)
mix of a few(Explain)
10% (8 votes)
4% (3 votes)
2% (2 votes)
4% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
14% (11 votes)
Total votes: 81


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Me Agnostic.I can't belive I

Me Agnostic.I can't belive I forgot the s while ding the poll funny.

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Agnostic Unitarian

I'm an agnostic Unitarian. I occasionally go to church, but it is more of a social than a religious thing for me.
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Me too!

But a lot of UUs go to church more for the social aspect then the religious one. I have had spiritual experiences within the UU community.

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I put other because I am U.C.

I put other because I am U.C.C. which is technically protestant, but we are slightly more accepting than many of the other protestant churches.

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Dude, do you realise that, ot

Dude, do you realise that, other than Agnostic, you spelt 3 of those wrong?

And me, I'm Agnostic.

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Yes I hind site I see that ha

Yes I hind site I see that have.But it don't matter it can't be fixed.plus you understand any way.

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And i like being baptist except for harassment for being gay. But other then that.. our church "spews out", according to some people, the most lesbains/bi girls then perty much anywhere in my town, lmao.
I have to laugh.. there's like 3 questioning girls, 4 bi girls and 2 or three lesbaisn, plus one or two that left.

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Seems to be more Agnostics

Seems to be more Agnostics funny.Peole that chose other what are you.

Yes I knwo About the U-U.Very nice peolpe there.
I will say this I don't understand the whole GLBT Catholic thing.
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I am an atheist, but I see no point in arguing for or against the existence of a God/Goddess or multiple Gods/Goddesses because evidence to prove or disprove the existence of deities thereof (grammar?) doesn't exist. I respect your religious beliefs unless they hold that I am immoral in this sexuality that I don't control.

You have my support. Fred Phelps has my hatred.

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That was a very explainion on

That was a very long explainion on Athesism.still not as long as that book by Simth .

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I'm Baptist, but I'm more spi

I'm Baptist, but I'm more spiritual than I am religious. I tend to be more morally objective because I don't agree with a lot of the morals the church upholds, so I pick and choose and make up my own moral code. I feel like it's important to believe in God because having faith in God or some sort of supreme being is going to help you when you hit rock bottom, and everyone hits rock bottom at one poin or another. It'll keep you from doing anything really stupid.

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You left out quite a few major religions...


I'm Jewish...

Did they love you or what?

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okay lets not be mean but y

okay lets not be mean
but you maybe should have put the major religons and then agnostic U-U and such

Just a suggestion

You... Need to

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pagan, buhdist, UCC, om......

pagan, buhdist, UCC, om.......

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I have called myself by many

I have called myself by many names, at points i have been wiccan, daemonist, mystic, shamanistic, now im just a little b|t

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I am/was raised in a strict r

I am/was raised in a strict roman catholic irish family, but I truely belive in science. NOT scientology, but science as in...darwinism, evolution, big bang, etc...

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I don't believe in any god, gods, godessess, semi-gods, dieties, spirits, ghosts, specters or anything remotely similar.

- DIm

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religions smelligions i say.

religions smelligions i say. as much as i know they all emphasise freedom thru their gods or what not and thats what i believe in. feedom. i believe in god and jesus i am a nothing i dnt wanna be labelled a religion, a dyke a nothing. spirituallity is what im about. a balance. love overall. religions i dnt really hav a problem with but religious culture. it is just another way to supress ppls own beliefs and opinions, the opposite frm freedom. it is a form of propaganda. its about a personal relationship with god, ur self and jesus with me anyways. nothing that can b given at birth thru forced sacraments etc etc. it must b experienced.

i can not be around you coz God knows it hurts n i can not be without you coz its much much worse

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UU ALL THE WAY!!! Seriously

UU ALL THE WAY!!! Seriously though, Unitarian Universalist services are the only church services I can sit through without feeling somehow out of place (except Reform Judaism, which also rocks).

Yeah, and no offense, but leaving out Judaism and Islam is kind of major. I think no one here is going to be Shinto considering that you have to be Japanese, born in Japan, have parents who are Japanese born in Japan, and Shinto, and you have to be Shinto from birth; i.e. you can't convert to Shinto. And spelling is an issue, too. Sorry, I just felt I should point that out.

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there peole that paratice Shi

there peole that paratice Shinto here in the U.S. not many but a few.

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They may be in the USA, but t

They may be in the USA, but they MUST have been born Japanese and Shinto from Japanese, Shinto parents. I'm not actually sure, now that I think about it, if they have to have been born IN JAPAN, but I think that would make Japanese citizenship a whole lot easier.

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Its spelled Agnostic -------

Its spelled Agnostic
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I relize that now. the hap

I relize that now.

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Mix of a Few

Technically I could have chosen the pagan category,but as I attend a Unitarian Temple it kinda alters things a bit. For the most part though, I hold beliefs from the Wiccan perspective as well as shamanistic influences. I need religion and spirituality that feels that nature and the Earth are important to some degree at least. The biblical idea of subdue and abuse is just a little to destructive and negative for my taste.

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