Who are most understanding in terms of your sexuality?

3% (1 vote)
10% (3 votes)
Male friends
10% (3 votes)
Female friends
63% (19 votes)
0% (0 votes)
3% (1 vote)
Other (please comment)
10% (3 votes)
Total votes: 30


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All my friends accept me, but

All my friends accept me, but I put female because a majority of my friends are female.

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He's most understanding through his lack of understanding. He acknowledges that he has no past experience of what I'm going through, so he remains diplomatic and seems to respect what I feel :-)

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I put other because all of my

I put other because all of my friends seem pretty understanding and they are pretty well mixed

I know
The odds are all aginst me
and I know
you might not feel this way too
but i know
i would rather die trying
to know
if i could mean something to you

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My Grandparents are. Cogit

My Grandparents are.

Cogito Ergo Sum

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my boyfriend -------------

my boyfriend

You... Need to

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male friends

i voted male friends because im only out to one friend and hes male

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We can't

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female friends

i look so damn good they all turn gay and want my sex.