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Why do some gay men call them selfs Queer?
What Is the apppel of that word.Isn't a insult?

Also Were did the

sraitght persons find this place.
Looking at the new poll at lese 4% of those who voted are straight.
Srtaight How&Why are you here?


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Oh, they're just people in denial.. lol


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we're queer, and here's why...

Many minority groups, who have been descriminated against, have adopted the insults used against them as nicknames for themselves. Its a method of self-defence. If I don't mind being called queer, then people can't use it as an insult.

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Queer is a broad, all-encompassing term for non-hetero -- although I've heard it used by straight people as well implying they're open-minded. Some people may find gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or other terms as being too specific and therefore divisive and instead adopt queer as their label of choice.

As far as the straight people here, I would like to underscore the fact that we're an open, inclusive community here at Oasis and even if we have straight members they're still welcome. I'm sure you didn't mean any offense by that, I just wanted to clear things up.

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What I meant was I hope that

What I meant was I hope that they are not here to give any one a hard time.yes no offense to you sraights.

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I feel...

A couple of my gay friends and myself call each other queers, fags, homos, fairies, etc. just so that when we are called that by the homophobes that we can shrug it off. It is a way of showing defiance to the Homophobic Establishment in our society; not to mention very theraputic.

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I still don't really seem to

I still don't really seem to understand.I wish more peole would comment on this

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I like to use queer in the place of the term LGBT, because, honestly, how many times can you say LGBT in one paragraph? Imagine if one had to say LGBTQI more than one every few hundred words?

we really, really need a no-awkward all-inclusive word. In the mean time I'm reluctantly settling on queer. It works. It just doesn't sound very sexy.

straight-voters: I founf this place on google. No reason they shouldn't/ Also maybe prankster gay boys.