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I can't believe this is one of the 3 forum sections. I guess weight loss is pretty important, at least up there with "disscussion" and "support."

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thanks for sharing , you must

thanks for sharing , you must be new.
or just dumb (:
either way, thanks for screwing things up tubby

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hey!!! be nice, would ya?


be nice, would ya?


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Hi, I figured it out before you

Hey sir chunks a lot. I figured it out before you so graciously tried to enlighten me. I guess I'll be hearing about this forever. Serves me right for having an opinion. I shall procede to cut off my right hand in mourning for the wasted space my topic took up.

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heya nadya, i think weight lo

heya nadya, i think weight loss is just something jeff knows a lot about and want to support people on. ignore he-man.

--would the last one out please shut the door--

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Okay everybody, calm down, he

Okay everybody, calm down, he-man is just being himself, if any of you missed the whole flame war (on several threads) between him and others, he is just that way, he is not necessarily trying to be an asshole, (admittedly he can come across that way), he is just trying to have fun, in his own way. Just to warn you, cuz getting worked up and huffy over him is useless, so just let it drop, we can all act mature to those who are less tactful.

And Ty, PLEASE be nicer to the new people. Her thread was not borne of stupity, just amazement at how things go down around here.

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