Yeah Yeah

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I stood in the rain letting it wash away my sins
and letting it start my life anew to bring a new
light over everything
I'm wanting to dream again I want to love again
and I'd do anything to do that again I don't want to
cry but right know I want to.
Someone asked how I got this lonely I got this
way because of the people I was around they tryed
to hurt me acting cold and being non-commential
an yet trying to find out who I am I've gotten
a heart of ice
So when I have cut myself trying to die there is
a reason I didn't want to live didn't think I
deserved to live and someone telling me I did just
made me want to die even more.

I was your doll for so long I got tired of you
controlling my moves I cut my strings leaving you
with no one to control I had to get away from you
I needed it so
See it started out so innocently we where best
friends very tight Then you started telling me
what to do and who I could date makeup came fast and
suddenly I was under you control.
I let you make me up like your little dollie
I let you use me maniuple me and made me thing I
was nothing without you.
So when I found my strenght I knew what It would
do to me. I needed to be myself I needed to do what I need
to do. Ive got to be what I need to be I got to
do it without you

O.k. stand my not apply to anyone else but I wrote
that poem just yesterday and It applys to me in every
possible way it every could. Doll applys to everyone
or you at least know someone who fits into it.


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Those are quite dark; but I definetly know how that feels.

thanks for sharing:)