Youth Group- Going It Alone

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Ok, I was originally supposed to go to a Gay Youth Group on Thursday, and bring my straight friend for moral support. You may know I've been having friendship troubles- namely that I don't think I'm being treated all that well by these people, and that they seem to be ignoring me and leaving me out.

Still, I thought I'd be able to count on one of them to come along to the gay group, but now she's pulled out at the last minute to go to a band night. Ok, so fairs fair and she did know about the gig ages ago, and getting double booked is a common thing to happen. I just feel a little let down now, seeing as this sort fo thing is happening more and more often.

I can't put the group off either, becuase I rang and booked myself in- and I don't actually want to wait for another week, it took me long enough to get up the guts to go this time. I'm going alone- which is scarier but probably for the best.

I'm gonna have to stop these dinnertime rants of mine :D

P.S 1 more day until I go to see Serenity :D


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Good luck at the youth group! You're probably
better off going without a friend.

And yay for 'Serenity'! :D

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matters is what we do."

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good luck, if i could, i'd go

good luck, if i could, i'd go with you!

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youll be FINE im sure itll go

youll be FINE im sure itll go great! ummm probably a stupid question but whats serenity?

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