You've always been my favorite cancer...

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So things are kinda unstable right now..

I'm really depressed.. and then not deppressed at all.. it really just
depends on who i'm around. My friends deppress me.. how pathetic is that?
And i'm deppressed when i'm alone.. but when i'm around people i dont
really like i do okay lol

Sarah still hates me.. Eva hates me.. most of my friends hate me because
of what i'm doing to them.. and ultimately i'm standing there with a handful
of people who sort of see it through my eyes, but at the same time don't
think i'm doing the right thing..

Also, i'm really really hating that i can't ignore how lonely i am anymore..
i used to be able to completely push thoughts out of my head.. but lately
i've wanted to be with someone really badly.

On another note.. i'm having alot of consecutive dreams/nightmares? I dont
know whether they're dreams or nightmares cause i forget them before i have
time to write them down or something but it always happens between 2:30
and 3:30 in the morning.. very aggrivating