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I don't understand these people that go so out of their way to tell
someone else that they're going to hell or even that they need to change
their lifestyle. I'm sure i've done it at some point, making my entire
argument hypocritcal.. but honestly, what is wrong with this "zealots"?

I logged onto myspace today and in one of my groups there
is some post title "O destruction came to the West" first of all, i'm
noticing the personification of "the west" meaning this person believes
that only western society has whatever this "destruction" is and is
completely oblivious to the fact that society is mirrored in every level
all over the globe, and has been doing such since the dawn of time..

ignoring that.. i opened it anyway.

What i found was about three pages of "holy" script taken from various
biblical texts and thoughts.. mostly centering around the fact that
homosexuals are sinners and need to repent in the eyes of God and Jesus..

I could honestly care less about this idiot's opinion on God.. but the
fact that he went out of his way to attack us (it takes like almost a week
before you can start a forum topic) is very pathetic to say the least.

Why is it that WE have to take bullshit from them? Why is it that we are
constantly attacked by this group that seem to think they're doing the
work of God? Wait.. doesnt that sound familiar? Is this the same God
that told the terrorists in the 9/11 attacks to blow up the world trade
centers? Is this the same God that decided there needed to be a "Crusade"
back in the dark ages, which consisted of Catholics cutting of the heads
of anyone that denied their zealotic ways of thinking.. Is this the same
God that destroyed New Orleans to punish the gays?

I think these zealots, these defenders of the faith, these oh so amazing
disciples of God really need to take a step back and realize they're views
have nothing good in them whatsoever, all they bascially say is "You're
fine as long as you're perfect" and last i checked, we're not perfect in
any way. They claim we must repent for our sins, and for the darkness we
hold in our hearts.. that our lifestyle is inbedded with the devil and
the forces of evil, and yet who are they to preach to us? who are they to
stand in the name of God and tell us we're the children of sin?

I can't begin to say i understand the workings of God, or whatever
higher being that may or may not control the universe.. but i sure as hell
know i'm not naive enough to think i can try and tell someone else how
they should percieve that entity.. But for some reason they think they

What is wrong with humans today? What is wrong with society.. can people
not honestly sit back and say "Wow.. we are real bastards.. the shit we're
doing is horrible.." Are we really just so blind that we can't even see
some of the hell we're raising?

I don't know what's right.. i can't say i'm not going to hell for being
gay, or for any number of other reasons.. but i dont think anyone, including
myself, has the right to stand back and say "This is God's law"


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Fire and Brimstone

Fire and brimstone has not rained upon the cities and countries that have legalized same-sex marriage and equalized rights to include sexuality. It's absurd to think that Katrina and Rita were brought about by God's wrath, much less any other calamity that befalls the US.

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Storm Fetus

One of those scary zealots claimed the storm was because of the abortionists in the area. His reasoning for this was because one of the overhead satelight photos he saw of the hurricane resembled a fetus. That makes about as much sense as reading tea leaves to determine the future.
There was a really funny parody of this on the Daily Show with John Stewart yesterday (if anyone happeneds to watch that show).
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Flawed logic

The people that make such proclomations fail to see all of their arguments are flawed. The fact that I see their flaws makes me believe that, if there is a hell, we will not be the ones zipping down to it. You'll find that countries which dislike homosexuality or are impartial to it also suffer great difficulties. Bangladesh floods every year causings many deaths. I suppose the Asian tsunami struck because there were a couple of gay tourists? And earthquakes in Japan..must be because homosexuality was practised 3000 years ago.

Idiots past and present are renowned for having ridiculous unfounded points of views and, rather than simply accepting that they are ignorant, they try and explain away their ignorance through religion, citing natural (scientifically explained) phenomena as proof of God's wrath. If they feel these natural events could be stopped, then perhaps they should put a little more effort into pressuring George Bush into the Kyoto Agreement than trying to wipe out homosexuals, because the former is likely to have more of an effect.

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You're absolutely right in th

You're absolutely right in the fact that noone has the right to proclaim God's law.
I don't know how many of you are exceptionally versed in the Bible scriptures, but when Moses received the ten commandments the author of Exodus made it a point to show that the ten commandments came directly from God. God wrote them himself right onto the stone tablets. But all the other laws were merely spoken to Moses, to speak to the people, with regards to special circumstances. Maybe we can think about that?
Christians nowadays seem to be preoccupied with telling others' their faults instead of being introspective of their own.
Did Jesus condemn people? Yes he did. But he did it out of sincere love and concern. Not for what they were doing, but for how they were feeling.
I don't know why people are always on the offensive when it comes to homosexuality. But I do know that there are many gays who are broken on the inside, despite the fun and happiness the project. beneath the mask, they are unhappy and afraid, perhaps searching for something, longing for something. Gays, as well as most others in the country. I think that this should be the concern of the church: try to heal the broken hearts.


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Re: "many gays who are broken on the inside"

This statement should not be specific to gays. Many people are broken on the inside, and gay people are not usually unhappy because they happen to be attracted to people of the same sex. Usually that unhappiness, if it is related to their sexual orientation at all, is perpetrated by societal ignorance, prejudice, and inborn beliefs that gayness is wrong. Oftentimes, the unhappiest gays are closeted ones, because it is such a lonely and uncertain experience. There are also many whole, full, happy people, gays included. Religion can help comfort some people through its message of love, but it becomes a problem when it perpetrates messages of hate.

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