A letter long

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Dear who ever cares to look at this
So I realized just yesterday when I look in the mirror
I see your laughing face the person I hate the
person I've became and I can't turn away for years
ypu trained me taught me who to love and hate taught what
was right and wrong then tossed me to the world below
who quickly got a laugh out of me. They found me odd
they found me funny they found me different and way ahead of my time
they told me to stop writing to stop trying to change the
world that I was nothing but a girl and I would never get what I wanted
Then century later you taught me again and then
again I am tossed to the world this time its different
I am a girl but I am also gay. Which means again
I am told stop trying to change the world
stop trying to change peoples thought stop trying
to be who I am stop trying to be at all. SO when
I cut myself I bleed and I feel better because of
it and when I fought with you for the first time
ever and you bleed I felt better and When I cry at
night wishing I wasn't you I feel worse then I
ever had and when I am alone at night because no
one wants to be near me then I know that its because
of that you made me on this earth to try and talk
some sense into people like my parents, my siblings,
my realtives, my friends, my neribors, and my general
life To make it seem like I have something when
I have nothing but a huge hole in my heart and when
she softly wispers the words "Peoples veiws are change
and people are realizing not everyone is a clone."
I feel hope but its false cause this veiw of me
is always stuck and everyone thinks I am who I am
not and when you see this girl in the eyes of your
mind the one you think you know so well just
remember when I back pedal I'll be smacking you in
the face and I want to see your shocked expession
when you realize I have strengh.


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I don't know what to say...but it was violently emotional, sad, and yet comforting. IF that makes any sense at all!

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It makes sense to me.
Don't worry you're just as sane as I am