A special place....

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Is there a special place in hell for (so-called): "Ex-Gay Educators," or "Former homosexuals?"

- Should they be allowed to visit schools to talk about how they: 'defeated their addiction,' 'fought their way out of sin' etc. etc...???

Any thoughts?


(these are not quotes, just how I see it.)

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There's no such thing as a "f

There's no such thing as a "former homosexual". Homosexuality is a state of being and, since it can't be changed within the bounds of existing medicine (and it is hypothetically feasible to change it when medicine, and most likely brain surgery, becomes sufficiently advanced), is permanent. "Former homosexual" is just a polite term for "church funded liar".

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I'm confused- you mean people

I'm confused- you mean people who converted form gayness to straightess?

I think its ridiculous. You cant "convert" out of gayness. Your Gay, or straight - resistance is futile.

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I think that our bisexual friends might feel just a tad left out. Try and be a little more inclusive ;-)

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eep! sorry :) thanks for the

eep! sorry :) thanks for the reminder

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haha... I like that, resistance is futile.

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Is this sarcasm or not?

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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yeah. i'm sure that i can find a place

buried in the core of the earth so they can never escape. left there to burn or starve or kill themselves. they can go along with bush. :) alright well maybe i'm being a little harsh. they don't have to die. they just need to be far far away from civil human beings and they deserve to suffer for the rest of their lives. and bush definitely deserves to go down there.
but seriously, it's amazing how stupid some people are. the lies they teach certaintly don't belong in schools or anywhere else for that matter.

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yeah , it's called the cathol

yeah , it's called the catholic church where they become priests
and winde up molesting kids

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the majority of pedophiles ar

the majority of pedophiles are actually asexual- its the idea, not any gender that excites them.

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I don't know why we are so rigid?

I believe it was Kinsey who stated that sexuality is fluid, and can change over ones lifetime. What is to say some people do not begin to find the opposite sex attractive after a long period of not doing so?

I don't attempt to justify their choice in scrutinising their previous lifestyle, and suggesting that it is wrong, but I guess you have to respect free speech.

"But I say to you that hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To him who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also ... And as you wish that men would do to you, do so to them." Jesus, Luke 6:27-31

I'm not religious, but just because its from the bible doesn't make it wrong....


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I know

The Priests had this guy come and talk at my school (catholic school) about how he was living in sin as a homosexual and then when he found out he was HIV-positive he became a Christian Brother (monk) so he could find salvation in Jesus and his soul was reborn and all this other shit. I actually felt sorry for the bastard, he's probably got 10 good years left, and instead of doing something useful with the rest of his life , he's working for the Vatican's anti-gay propaganda. Its funny, with all the power that stupid church has, they could be helping cure starvation in Africa, or give clothes and books to kids in inner-city projects, but no! They'd rather spend their time telling all of us how we're going to burn in hell because we find love in people who are the same sex as us. Screw the Roman Catholic Church.

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I just feel sorry for them. I fear anyone who constantly needs to talk about their problems, because that always seems to me like they haven't resolved it. At least in AA, they start by saying I'm Jeff and I'm an alcoholic. They acknowledge that you can change behavior, but not the wiring underneath the hood. And why do all the ex-gay men seem to marry ex-gay women? No one else can probably stand hearing them talk every day about how they're not really gay over and over again. Keep trying to convince yourself, honey.

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..so she has to listen to the

..so she has to listen to the excuses why he can't "get it up" and
he has to listen to why she's "never in the mood"?
sounds like your basic hetrosexual relationship to me!

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i think its pathetic how supp

i think its pathetic how supposedly religious people, who say god loves us all, no matter what. i guess they forgot to tell us about the foot not he left saying "oops my bad, i forgot, you can alienate and discriminate against homosexuals and bi sexuals.they don't count" i wouldn't be so bad if they wasn't gay themselves, they should be little more understanding and realize its hard enough to understand your feelings and emotions, without being told that what we do feel is wrong.
i'm not anti-religious, but when there are people like thesecoming into schools, i find it hard to believe that what ever god they follow is the one who is right.
religion is supposed to give people hope, and guidance and comfort, not make them feel wrong for something they have no control over.

sorry. went on a bit of a rant there, but its just annoying.

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seriouslly, if it was never d

seriouslly, if it was never drilled into peoples minds that
being gay was soo wrong there would be no issues surrounding it.

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yeah, it's called the white h

yeah, it's called the white house

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or they become rappers.. -co

or they become rappers..
-cough ,cough- EMINEM